An Exciting Recommendation From the TV Show Whisperer

Three things I am not afraid to admit: 1. I Love Barry Manilow. I still cry when Ready to Take A Chance Again plays on my ipod as I am pulling into Publix. 2. Sometimes I only PRETEND to turn up the resistance on my spin bike and then act like it’s super hard to pedal and 3. I am addicted to TV. Not only am I addicted,  I am actually sort of like a TV Show Whisperer. My friends will text me, “Help! Just finished Downton Abby and need a show!” And I can recommend something they will love based on what I know about their television habits. Documentaries? Got a list of them for you. Sitcoms? Not my thing but I know the best of  what you’re looking for.  Offbeat foreign series? I totally got you covered.

My thing? I love shows that center around women. I guess that’s because I am one and I like to see how other women handle their shit.  Do all of us hide a secret bag of potato chips behind the purses in our closet?  Do all of us keep those size 2 skinny jeans knowing the day will come when our terminal illness will kick in and we can wear them again? Don’t we all stalk our doctors on Facebook? No? Oh, me neither. Still, I love my women based TV.

As your TV advisor, I need to tell you about a beautiful new show I found that, you know, totally gets me! The Other F Word by writer/director Caytha Jentis had me hooked from the very first scene, which involved four late 40 somethings getting ready to jump from an airplane with their significant others. Don’t get too attached to the SO’s because this show is all about the ladies. And these ladies are asking themselves as I do a lot of the time, WHO AM I NOW?

All of a sudden, they find themselves empty nesters,  feeling their lives lacking direction and purpose. One woman contemplating her new future asks her husband, “What am I qualified to do?” “Pampered Chef!” he yells, as he jumps from the plane. Hilarious, yes! Thought provoking, Yes! Familiar? Yes!

The Other F Word  can be found on Amazon Prime and there’s good news and bad news. The good news is you can binge watch the whole series (8 episodes) in under an hour. The bad news? You can binge watch the whole series in under an hour! But fear not, I have it on good authority that Season 2 is in the works. Do yourself a favor —pour yourself a nice glass of something and start streaming The Other F Word. Trust me on this one.

You can see The Other F Word here!


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