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It's All There In Black And White

So,  the day is almost here. Saturday my book, There's Been A Change Of Plans—A Memoir About Divorce, Dating And Delinquents, is being released on Amazon. And needless to say I am beside myself. Also, I am petrified, because as I was writing it, it didn't really occur to me that people would actually be READING it. It's sort of like when I wrote that email to my sister about how fat my stomach looked in a tankini and then mistakenly sent it to my real estate client.

I mean, do I really want my kids to know that I was stood up on my first date at a tiki bar, where I showed up in my new Anthropologie shawl?  (Remember? They had a brief resurgence a few years back.) Does the world really need to know that my gynecologist asked me to "Please remind me next year to use the extra long speculum?" No, nobody needs to know that, but...there it is.

When I recently read the finished product, I remembered WHY I began to write it. The book begins with the day that …