Belting It Out

Recently M and I were invited to an all day party, which was to take place outside during the day and then move into a swank restaurant for dinner.  A little day drinking, culminating in a sumptuous dinner and a cold dirty martini?  I am SO in.  However, after the glow of anticipation wore off, fear set in;  what does one wear to a shindig like this?  Then it hit me, THE MAXI DRESS!  I have been just waiting for the right event so that I could jump on the bandwagon and join in the fun of wearing, these floor dusting, flaw hiding gems. 

I hightailed it down to Macy’s and raced into a dressing room with an armful of these babies.  Unfortunately,  living on alimony, with the only plastic on me being my knock off MK purse,  I had to choose just one.  I picked a sleeveless number in a solid navy blue that did a pretty darn good job of camouflaging my back fat. It was a good fit, but it needed some pizzazz. 
Maybe some new wedges?  Ugh, no, anything over an inch and I look like a woman wrestler when I stand next to M.  A cool scarf?  No, it’s summertime in Florida and I still have not really perfected that stylish scarf, draped and tied around the neck thing.   Last time I tried it with a white, gauzy whisp of fabric,  a woman I hadn’t seen in awhile came up to me and said, “OMG what happened to you?”  Then it hit me, A BELT!  I decided I wanted one of those wide woven type belts to zing up this dress and make me feel, if you’ll excuse the pun...hip.

Since I had had just about enough for one day of 14 year old sales girls telling me, “Oh.  Now, that looks DO have some tummy controls at home, right?“  I decided to finish up my outfit with the help of the internet.  That is where I found what I now consider, the ONLY place for belts for women’s

With the addition of a few accessories and a beautiful wide belt from my new favorite online shop I had taken it up a notch!  KYPO has every style of belt imaginable from the narrow to the wide, some with amazingly beautiful belt buckles and bling.  There are designer belts available and you can even design your own!  Check it out! I would LOVE to see photos of your before and afters to be shared on my blog!  Show us how you took it up a notch, from sleepy to stupendous!

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