A year has passed since M and I took that big giant leap, and purchased a home together. You will all be glad to know, we have survived.  M has survived my addiction to reality television and my loud maniacal rants against Gretchen-OMG! I SO hate her, don't get me started, and I have survived a Joe Maddon bobble head, glaring at me accusingly, when I sneak into M's office and steal paper from his printer.  Dude.  Really?  Look away.  Freak.

M has a real office set up with a stapler and everything.  I have an office too, but it's too hard to find anything because I have like two million parking tickets from downtown meters stacked up on my desk along with head shots of my latest dog interviews.
(See post: HOT OFF THE PRESS) FYI, Stewie the Vizsla photographed beautifully.  Anyway, I was in dire need of a paper clip and under the stern glare of Joe the Bobblehead, I opened M's top drawer in search of one.  Not only did I find paper clips in a myriad of sizes and colors I found a list that I had drawn up last year, in preparation for our move.  Please allow me to share with you:

                               M's List

Get moving estimates, pick mover and arrange move
Put dining room set on ebay
Secure storage unit for extra shit we have no room for
Arrange for untilties, cable, gas and electric to be turned on in new home
Arrange for utilities, cable, gas and electric to be shut off in old home
Replace all locks and keys in new house
Have security system installed and turned on
Rip out carpet in new home so floors can be installed
Paint guest room

                                   Amy's List

Call Stanley Steemer

What's wrong with this picture?  Don't get your panties in a knot, M rewrote it.  Does it make you feel better to know I PERSONALLY spent several days covered in Nautical Beige paint when I  single handedly painted the guest room?  I also dealt with putting the dining room set on ebay, which resulted in us giving it to our moving guy for free and throwing in six free placemats.  Sales is not my strong suit apparently.

Whatever.  We are in and we are very happy in our little house by the sea. (Okay, bay.)  I love to go out to the dock and gaze into the water.  I often see manatees, porpoises, (porpoi?) and always a ton of little fishies swimming in circles.  If I look really hard in a certain spot, I can even see a Joe Maddon bobble head glaring at me from the murky depths.  Take that.  Freak.

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