A big part of being 50 is learning to deal with my face.  "We go back a long way," I tell it," don't give up on me now.  If you stick with me, and hang on tight (and I mean TIGHT) I will find ways to nourish you and keep you happy.  I will pamper you and slather all kinds of crap on you till we find something you adore."
     I plan to use SAVING FACE as a weekly way to report on products I am trying, and results good or bad.

1.  Lancome Defincils Mascara-Yes.   To me nothing looks worse or makes one look older than eye lashes in one big clump.  I find this mascara really does separate my lashes and lays a thin coat of mascara on each one. I do only one application, two makes them hard and brittle and makes my eyes feel like sand paper.

2.  Obagi Eye Cream- Yes.  I use it morning and night and do see a slight reduction of puffiness and less wrinkling when applying my concealer cream.

3.  Garnier Skin Renew, Anti Puff Roll Eye Roller-  No.  No.  SJP should be ashamed of herself for selling out.  Sooooo sure she uses it.

     Planning to splurge on some Estee next week.  Will let you know how it goes.  If you want me to try anything for you, or if you hear of a great product for women like us, let me know!


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